Free Download Internet explorer for android device

Internet Explorer for Android for free

Internet explorer for android

Internet Explorer for android phone.You can download Internet explorer 9 and Internet explorer 10 in android phone to surf website.Internet Explorer in android is very popular web browser.There are 2 different versions in android Internet explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest and popular web browser in the past and it is used till date by some internet explorer fans and some companies because it is very straight forward and easy to use.Its graphical user interface is also easy to use and it is fast web browser provided by Microsoft in the past

Now-a-days Internet explorer is also available in the android phone for some android users who are really big fan of android and want to use Internet explorer in android also

Main feature of Internet explorer in android


Browser is a fast, secure mobile browser that brings you breathtaking web surfing experience.

Our browsers can:
★Turn on incognito mode, and your private pages will not leave any history.
★Fast page switching, in any occasion, one-hand browsing easier
★Add bookmarks, edit bookmarks, personalize your browsing, quick classification, to find more convenient
★Full screen mode switch
★Quick search, Google, Yahoo and other default search engine
★User agent settings
★Easy to review historical records
★More personalization settings, such as adjusting web fonts

There is certain limitation of Internet explorer in android because it is very basic and core functionality browser that can not provide you much functionality compared to other web browsers.But if you are big fan of Internet explorer then you can download this webbrowser in your android phone.but few features of internet explorer can not be neglected.

So How to download Internet Explorer for android?


  • Open Play Store
  • Search Internet Explorer in playstore
  • Check Reviews and Ratings
  • Download Internet Explorer for android
  • Now Enjoy web surfing

I hope you have successfully Installed Internet Explorer for android and enjoying web surfing.


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