Working Spotify Premium FREE [Updated 22nd June 2018]

How to get Spotify Premium Free

First of all, let’s clear what is Spotify Premium and How it works !!!

Today, after the great success of Netflix Cookies we bring you the Spotify Premium Free for you guys. Have fun !!!

Spotify is a very popular Music as well as Podcasts streaming application. It is very widely known all over the world has over 70 Million users as of 2018.

spotify premium free

spotify premium free

As always great things come with great prices. You can use Spotify for free, but of course with some very irritating problems like in songs advertisements, no skipping songs !!! Yes, Literally you can’t skip a song to a specific point or time.  You can yourself imagine how a big problem is that.

But there is also Spotify Premium which is Approx USD $10/ Month. Yes, of course, it is costly for many people. But believe me, it’s worth it. Although seeing many requests from our current users we’re bringing Spotify Premium for free for you guys.

Spotify Premium Free Features:

  • No Ads (Ooof That’s gone !)
  • You can download songs for Offline Mode
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Play any Songs

How to use Spotify Premium Free ?

Follow the following steps properly and you can use spotify premium free !!!

  • First of all you’ll need a Chrome Extension called – “Edit This Cookie’. You can get it from Edit This Cookie.
edit this cookie

edit this cookie

  • After Successfully Installing, You’ll be able to see the “Import Tab” in the upper task bar of the extension.
import netflix cookies

import netflix cookies

  • After finding the Import Tab, just paste the spotify cookies which are given below the end of the article. And clock the DONE button. That’s It, then just Open the Spotify Website. You’ll be automatically Logged In and Have fun !!!

Things Not to do while using Spotify Premium Free

  • Don’t Change Password. As many users are using the same thins so I humbly request not to change password and I’ll be happy to deliver these very trick. 🙂
  • Don’t use any kind of VPN services when logging and using the spotify premium free account.

Spotify Premium Free Account 1:


Spotify Premium Free Account 2:


Spotify Premium Free Account 3:


Spotify Premium Free Account 4:


Any queries using these, leave a comment and we’ll try to solve is ASAP. Thanks 🙂


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